We Are McKnight Resources

  • By the Summer of 2019 McKnight intends to be listed as a new Mineral Resource Company on Spotlight Stock Exchange in Stockholm, raising ~ 85 msek
  • The company vision is to create mineral development and mining companies of the future, ultimately metal processing, refining and industrial-scale product development
  • The Company will focus on pattern drilling of copper-gold-silver-zinc mineral resources opportunities in Sweden

The Industry in Sweden

  • Not since the drive of Adolf Lundin in the mid-1990s has Sweden seen a major attempt to unlock the mineral resource potential of the country by the Junior sector
  • Limited exploration efforts have resulted in little growth and certainly no new headline mining projects have been matured in the base metal mining space during the past decade in Sweden
  • Exploration and resource development are a high-risk high-reward investment case but without up-sized well-planned and technologically advanced drill campaigns there has been little positive news in the base-precious metal sector in Sweden
  • This situation must change if Sweden is to retain its rightful place long term as a world-class destination for investment in exploration, resource development and mining

Our Vision

  • The McKnight business initiative is a bold decision to show a practical way forward for the mineral exploration and mining industry in Sweden
  • Innovative exploration solutions lie at the heart of the McKnight opportunity 

  • Strong geological insight and a cost-effective methodical exploration approach

  • Big resource outcomes require big drill campaigns, the right amount of drill meters required, rapidly executed and well controlled 

  • McKnight has the skills, experience and technical innovations to achieve the outcome of indicated resources and massive value creation
McKnight sees an important role to stimulate discovery and development of unique base and precious metal opportunities, to create Mineral Development and Mining companies of the future and to attract investment potential into the local markets.
Chris McKnight
Managing Director